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What is Mira.Click?

Mira.Click is a Latinx / Hispanic Affiliate Network that connects brands with bloggers, youtubers and other creators who want to promote their products and services on a commission basis. We partner with Advertisers AND Affiliates in an effort to deliver culturaly relevant campaigns.


If you have a product or service and want to reach the US Latino & Hispanic market online, we can help you and connect you with them today.


If you have an audience whether on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Podcasts, Blogs, Newsletters, Apps, we can help you monetize it. 


10,000+ Affiliates & Influencers

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250+ Campaigns

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50 million + Latinx Consumers Reach

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1,000+ Cafecitos Consumed

ADVERTISERS: Connect with Multicultural Consumers PAY FOR PERFORMANCE

Tap into a global network with access to an extensive universe of Latinx publishers, a powerful platform, and industry experts to guide and strategize.

Success in affiliate marketing requires a team that nurtures partnerships between advertisers and affiliates, providing the blueprint and vision for growth and profitability. 
We protect your brand with by ensuring all publishers meet pre-approved requirements before qualifying for our network and are regularly monitored for compliance.

AFFILIATES: Let's Monetize Your Audience!

We connect you with the advertisers and campaigns that are a fit for YOUR audience.
Find products that you are passionate about promoting.
Enjoy real-time tracking that lets you see how a campaign is performing without the guesswork.
We know the value of the right traffic and work had to ensure that you get the most competitive payouts in the industry.
Work with a seasoned team of Affiliate Managers whose sole purpose it is to make sure you are successful.